Friday, August 12, 2011


Story about cat :
Cat is adorable.
Cat is soft to touch.
Cat makes cute voice.
Cat eat, poop and pee a lot.

After they pee/poop, they look at us and make cute BIG eyes, and said, "nyiau, nyiau, auuu..."  
translate : " MUAHAHAHAH !!! NOW YOU HAVE TO CLEAN MY SHITZZ ! where's my food ?!" 

I'm not a cat type, but sometimes they do makes me say awwww... I never really had a pet to taking care of. But then, comes :

The 4 Black n White kittens ! 

My brother Hanif found them and he said, 'I wanna keep them !' 
Then I replied, 'Jaga jangan tak jaga !'
Hanif, 'Okey. Jaga...'

After a few weeks, SAPA YANG JAGA NIH !! hahaha.
But I 'don't mind'... Yup, There's been a lot of obstacle while keeping them. They sick, hungry even crying ! Then I beli lah kan botol susu to fed them. BURP ! kenyang. Memang susah nak jaga baby kucing angkat. Sadly, two of them died... 
Both in the middle. The white with black mohawk and the grey-black-ish. They couldn't make it. I'm sorry. 

Until now we still have Lima & Blu !

Here's Lima-girl
with fat tummy.

and BLU-boy
with skinny legs.

Here's some memories : 

Tiny cat : Can I sleep at your bed ?
Vanilla (Sofie's cat) : GO AWAY, MY OWNER LOVES ME ! hissss!!!

 So this is Hanif

 nyiau ??

 Tak baik lagi ni

 Sleepy baby

 What a cozy place to sleep !

 Terbongkang habis


Hanif LOVES Lima !

So this is my cat stories ! How about yours ? I bet it is more interesting than mine. nyiauuu ! (BYE)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy World Day !

Well, everyday is Earth day ! Save our world before it's too late ! My world, Your world, Our world !
Sorry, the globe is not pretty enough butttt, we could see The Malaysia there ! Hahah !

Monday, August 8, 2011

When Sinus Attack !!!

What Are Sinuses?

"The sinuses are air-filled spaces found in the bones of the head and face. Sinuses start developing before you are born and some of them keep growing until you're about 20. There are four pairs of sinuses, or eight in all. They are located on either side of the nose in your cheeks, behind and between the eyes, in the forehead, and at the back of the nasal cavity.
Like the inside of the nose, the sinuses are lined with a moist, thin layer of tissue called a mucous membrane. The mucous membranes help moisten the air as you breathe it in. The mucous membrane also makes mucus, that sticky stuff in your nose you might call snot. The mucus traps dust and germs that are in the air we breathe. On the surface of the cells of the mucous membrane are microscopic hairs called cilia.
The cilia beat back and forth in waves to clear mucus from the sinuses through a narrow opening in the nose and then move the mucus toward the back of the nose to be swallowed. Gross, huh? If you have a cold or allergies, the membrane gets irritated and swollen and produces even more mucus."

   Ok, I'm not this brilliant to know all this fact, I found this when I am Google-ing. Cause I have sinus ! YES. It's pretty bad and di tengah bulan puasa yang mulia ni juga sedang menghadapinya, sekarang ! Jangan lah Raya nanti pun kena !! Nak Raya dengan seronok ! Ni dah macam Blog kesihatan dah. hahah. To get rid of it, saya makan pil resdung, takut la pulak nak buat bekam, rawatan ulat amenda tu ! pil lah senang. hahha. 

Bubba Gump. Without pang ! Mari makang.

  Sebenarnya tak expect pun nak makan dekat si Bubba ni, then mak chicks saya lah yg ajak makan sini. So kita orang pun makan lah. Nampak kita orang order memang sikit, tapi kekenyangan dia mmg rasa nak meletup ! (Adam, Stacy, bergabung + meletup = terkentut !) But we didn't fart in front of the public ! At home can la !

Here's the deal :

What we ate :

  BURP ! Di Bubba Gump ni nak makan sekali sekala ok la. Kalau every week, hancur la pocket ! One thing, Blueberry Smoothie memang menggempakkan ! 2-3 kali juga order. Kalau nak try, try la. Kalau ada yang kata tak sedap tu, nak buat macam mana. Ikut selera masing-masing juga. FYI - ni bukan bulan puasa, ni before Ramadhan and Mama & Papa being sho shweet. haha !

Bubba Gump The Curve.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Super GIFT !

    Appreciation is important if someone gives you a birthday present, friendship gift, girlfriend-boyfriend stuff (which I didn't have one, but never mind !) or anything lah. Doesn't matter if its cheep, biasa, 'dah ada' we must take it and appreciate that thang man ! I don't care what it looks like cause if someone gives you something, they really do love you. Awwwww~

Yup ! Masa first dapat, ada terpikir juga, 'amende ni ?' rupa-rupanya, OH ! CALENDER ! Jakarta style mari !  Calender ni manual punya, setiap hari kena tukar tarikhnya bulannya dong ! anyway, I love it ! this is like the coolest thing evah ! Siapa yang nak boleh lah tempah dekat Fana, mana tau ada yang lagi cool ke !

Woah ! Isn't that cute or what ! Bob Marley Jr. Im not smokin' weed but Bob is a legend ! He didn't died because of weed, it is because of skin cancer and he died when I didn't even born yet ! Well, if you want some more info bout Bob, click this link ( Just in case. So, Sasya thank you for your sweetness ! 

A memorable picture frame ! This gift makes me remind of old times with my UiTM buddies. We had a lot of fun, sad, extra hyper and tough time together. They gives support to stand up again and they do makes me crazy ! Thanks Ama for this sweet, sweet gift ! Love you ! 

Woah (again) !! Okey, this is not for me, its for my tiny sister Sofiya, and its a gift from my friend ! hahah, We call him Unta, real name, Azuan. This is Sofiya's birthday present ! I still wonder, why didn't he gave it to me ! 
But Oh well, I hope you'll give me one please ! So, Unta, Sofiya said THANK YOU and I love this !

   So that's it ! Actually ada lagi, tapi tak pa lah, I just kept it in my box but it doesn't mean that I didn't appreciate it ! Thanks again guys, I like it and love it !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st Flash Macromedia Time Based Project

Well, Im not that pro in macromedia, but I better try to do a good one someday. This is my assignment and hope you guys watch and give some comment to improve myself.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Ok, since the cat died, Sofiya had a new cat called Vanilla. haha. yummy name, also cute. Sofie loves her so much. But the cat is a non-active-cat. I tought that she is sick, but the cat just won't play ! But it's okey as long as she can behave herself. We love you Vanilla !

Vanilla ! miau ~


Yes, we had our great hanging out time togather.

Here's the young Bieber Don. =)

....and this is the old Bieber.
The cap belongs to Sofiya, then everyone starts saying Bieber,bieber ! Then I call it a Bieber Fever Don. haha. We're at Bukit Bintang and looking for Hanif's deck. He's a Skater Boi now. hahah ! It was funny cause I used to have a crush on Skater boy 5 years ago. yup, young taste ! But now I'm waiting for the one. A true man. Not a skater boy. haha ! So Hanif, play it right, don't fall or your bones get crack !

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zoohoo !

Finally, we did it ! Pergi juga Zoo, setelah beberapa hari asyik tangguh je. Too bad my mom and brother Haziq couldn't make it. But, we did enjoy the day and it was awesome ! More animal picture :

Im not sure what fish it is, but it's a Fish !

Break ! makan dulu. Egg and sardin sandwich. Made by me and Papa.

Keep walking soldier.

Baboon tut !


OK, ni burung.... burung lah

Gajah di belakang, bukan depan.


Dah penat jalan, suruh orang dukung.
Anyway, it's a sweet momment.