Friday, August 12, 2011


Story about cat :
Cat is adorable.
Cat is soft to touch.
Cat makes cute voice.
Cat eat, poop and pee a lot.

After they pee/poop, they look at us and make cute BIG eyes, and said, "nyiau, nyiau, auuu..."  
translate : " MUAHAHAHAH !!! NOW YOU HAVE TO CLEAN MY SHITZZ ! where's my food ?!" 

I'm not a cat type, but sometimes they do makes me say awwww... I never really had a pet to taking care of. But then, comes :

The 4 Black n White kittens ! 

My brother Hanif found them and he said, 'I wanna keep them !' 
Then I replied, 'Jaga jangan tak jaga !'
Hanif, 'Okey. Jaga...'

After a few weeks, SAPA YANG JAGA NIH !! hahaha.
But I 'don't mind'... Yup, There's been a lot of obstacle while keeping them. They sick, hungry even crying ! Then I beli lah kan botol susu to fed them. BURP ! kenyang. Memang susah nak jaga baby kucing angkat. Sadly, two of them died... 
Both in the middle. The white with black mohawk and the grey-black-ish. They couldn't make it. I'm sorry. 

Until now we still have Lima & Blu !

Here's Lima-girl
with fat tummy.

and BLU-boy
with skinny legs.

Here's some memories : 

Tiny cat : Can I sleep at your bed ?
Vanilla (Sofie's cat) : GO AWAY, MY OWNER LOVES ME ! hissss!!!

 So this is Hanif

 nyiau ??

 Tak baik lagi ni

 Sleepy baby

 What a cozy place to sleep !

 Terbongkang habis


Hanif LOVES Lima !

So this is my cat stories ! How about yours ? I bet it is more interesting than mine. nyiauuu ! (BYE)

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